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Tales of Edisto

revised edition
by:  Nell S. Graydon
171 pages   Paperback 
Romantic Tales ~ Strange Tales ~ Old Tales ~ New Tales
It is said that the sea island cotton grown in the fertile black soil of Edisto never went on the market--it was contracted for before the seed was put in the ground.  Avidly sought by mill owners of the world, this cotton made Edisto Island the center of the kingdom.  Nell S Graydon retells tales from those days, handed down from generation to generation.
Present-day Edisto is irrevocably interwoven with its past.  Mrs. Graydon concludes the book with an account of island customs and activities - past and present.
To those who know and love it, Edisto Island will always have an aura of romance and mystery.



Great community turnout. Many shared their stories and knowledge of the days past.