Who we are

The Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society (EIHPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, founded for the purpose of preserving Edisto Island’s history and educating the public about the rich historic and cultural history of Edisto Island.

A nine member board governs EIHPS.

Over 700 member households support the organization.



A staff of a Director, an administrative assistant and three part-time museum shop employees as well as a complement of volunteers operate the museum and advocate for historic preservation.

If you would like to volunteer your time and talents in support of EIHPS, please email us at gsmith@edistomuseum.org or shop@edistomuseum.org or call us at 843-869-1954.

2023 Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society Board of Directors

Barbara Gould, President

Sandra Marshburn, Vice President

Jim Wenthe, Secretary

Tracey Hobson, Treasurer

Laura Campbell

Greg Estevez

Andy Hammill

Marie Kingsbury

Curtis Morrison

Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society Staff

Gretchen M. Smith, Director

Faye Mulvey, Administrative Associate

Marlene Newman, Museum Shop Associate

Genevieve Royston, Museum Shop Associate

Jane Boynton, Museum Shop Associate

 To help us preserve the history of Edisto, please join us as a member today!